• When will the Tata Steel Chess Tournament take place and where?

    The 83rd edition of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament will take place from the 15th till the 31st of January 2021. The event itself will take place in the venue ‘De Moriaan, located in Wijk aan Zee (NL). Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, public attendance will not be possible, though the live stream will make it possible to follow the games live.

  • What will the Tata Steel Chess Tournament look like?

    Following the national and regional guidelines, the tournament will welcome 14 international top chess players in Tata Steel Masters section.  And just as chess enthusiasts have come to expect from the tournament, this year’s selection of Grand Masters is just as exciting as it has been in other years.

    Unfortunately, the current conditions to organise an approved and COVID-19 safe top sport event, do not allow for either the Tata Steel Challengers nor the amateur players to take part in the event.

    Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, public attendance will not be possible, though the live stream will make it possible to follow the games live.

  • How will I be able to follow the games of the Tata Steel Masters?

    There will be an extensive live online programme for everyone who enjoys chess. More information about our international live stream will follow as soon as possible. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, public attendance will not be possible

  • Why is the Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2021 being organised despite COVID-19?

    The COVID-19 crisis has led to the cancellation of most ‘over the board’ chess tournaments around the world. The latest regional health & safety regulation allow the organisation of a top sports event under certain conditions. The decision to organise the Tata Steel Chess tournament as the traditional ‘over the board’ chess competition on location is a well-considered one and involved many regional and sports organisations. After thorough consultation with the Dutch Chess Association (KNSB), NOC*NSF and the relevant regional and local government and safety bodies (including Veiligheidsregio Kennemerland), we have been granted permission to organise this top sport event in De Moriaan in Wijk aan Zee this January. All measures to comply with  the COVID-19 measures will have been to ensure a COVID-safe environment for all: grandmasters, community and staff.

  • How can the organisation ensure a COVID-19 safe tournament?

    All possible precautions and measures are taken to ensure a COVID-19 safe event for players, community and staff. All measures will be (and remain) in line with the then ruling guidelines from national and local health & safety authorities.

  • Which international top chess grandmasters will play in this edition?

    World champion Magnus Carlsen will once again be one of the participants of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament in January 2021. Apart from Carlsen two other top 10 players will participate: Fabiano Caruana (this year’s winner and number two of the world), and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (5). Anish Giri, currently the best Dutch chess player and tournament ambassador (currently no 11 in the world ranking) will also take part in the Tata Steel Masters.

    Full list of Tata Steel Masters

  • Will there be tournaments for Challengers and amateurs this year?

    Unfortunately, due to the restrictions around COVID-19 it will not be possible to host the Tata Steel Challengers nor amateur tournaments during this edition. Chess On Tour, during which the grandmasters play a round in another city, will also not be hosted this time around. The games of the Tata Steel Masters will be live on our website.

  • What are the benefits from the Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2021 for the community?

    At Tata Steel we believe that the game of chess has to power to connect people, especially in these uncertain times. Through the online live broadcast and programmes, as well as through online activation for youth, we will leverage the tournament and connect chess professionals, amateurs and fans from all over the world as well as contribute to a positive sense of togetherness in the local community.

  • Why has Tata Steel chosen to support chess?

    Tata Steel has chosen for sponsor chess as an international top sports, because chess entails strategic thinking and focuses on finding creative solutions for complex issues. Tata Steel has that very same focus. Steelmaking is a high-tech process with a crucial role for innovation. Tata Steel employees are continuously and relentlessly working on finding clever solutions to improve processes and products.

    Apart from that, we believe that chess connects people from all over the world, which seems more important than ever before at the moment. Through #ChessConnects Tata Steel and its partners arrange ways to connect people through chess, with a special focus on young people.