Media accreditation

Due to the COVID-19 measures media access will be severely limited. Accreditation is required. An accreditation request does not guarantee accreditation. Requests will be assessed by the Media Manager, who will have to strictly prioritize; taking into account the extremely limited number of spots available due to the COVID-19 situation. Media registration is only possible for those who possess an official press card.

The designated press areas within De Moriaan will only be accessible within certain timeframes. Outside these timeframes media will not be allowed to the press areas and will no longer have access to it.

Media can request interviews with the organisation or grandmasters via the Media Manager. An interview request does not guarantee there will be an interview. Requests will be assessed by the Media Manager.


By agreeing to the General Terms and Conditions on the registration form, you also agree to the below mentioned COVID-19 regulations.


On location several measures apply for media personnel, the following regulations are mandatory:

  • Accreditation is only provided to media personnel that received a confirmation email from the Media Manager of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2021 for the designated day;
  • Accreditation is provided per day;
  • Accreditation is required, no access is provided without accreditation;
  • Health check at the accreditation desk is mandatory every time media personnel enters the event venue;
  • Access to the venue is denied when a person shows COVID-19 symptoms;
  • 1,5 meter distance is mandatory at all times;
  • Mouth mask must be worn at all places at all times;