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The 2021 edition

The Tata Steel Chess Tournament is considered as one of the most prestigious international chess competitions on the international calendar. During its 83 years of history, the so called “Wimbledon of Chess” has been fortunate to welcome an impressive list of renown international chess grand masters from around the world.

Also during the pandemic, we are happy to confirm that this uninterrupted tradition can continue to take place in the coastal village of Wijk aan Zee. After thorough consultation with all relevant governmental bodies and community key stakeholder, we have been granted permission to organise the top sporting event.

All precautions to comply with the COVID-19 measures will have been in place to ensure a COVID-safe environment for all: grand masters, staff and community.

Adapted format

Following the national and regional guidelines, it has been decided to focus solely on the 14 Tata Steel Masters for this edition.  And just as chess enthusiasts have come to expect from the tournament, this year’s selection of Grand Masters is just as exciting as it has been in other years.

Unfortunately, the current conditions to organise an approved sports event, do not allow for either the Tata Steel Challengers nor the amateur players to take part in the event. Equally attendance by public will be regulated by the reigning COVID-19 regulations at the time of the tournament and will need to be confirmed at a later stage.

As all side events have had to be cancelled for the same reasons and the main focus will be on providing the broadest fan base optimal online viewing opportunities to enjoy this 83rd edition.

The choice to organise the Tata Steel Chess Tournament despite COVID-19 is a well-considered decision. Taking into account the positive impact it has on our community through organizing it on location as well as being able to offer chess fans around the world the excitement of a top sports event. the game of chess has the power to connect people, especially in these uncertain times.

And perhaps even more than ever before, chess connects, especially in these uncertain times. Through the online live broadcast and focus on (online) youth activation, the Tata Steel Chess Tournament will connect chess professionals, amateurs and fans from around the world as well as provide positive engagement and a sense of togetherness in the local community.